Bespoke ECU Remapping & Performance Tuning

Based in Huddersfield


High Performance Tuning is a mobile custom maps


 Offering three distinctly different ECU remap packages


We specialize in improving vehicles’ fuel efficiency, performance and responsiveness


Working with modern diagnostics equipment and ECU remapping systems that help them deliver a quality of service unlike any other.



What is ECU Remapping?


ECU stands for Engine Control Unit. This component controls how an engine functions, dictating the amount of fuel it consumes to balance economy, emissions and performance. Manufacturers map ECU’s to ensure they will function safely in extreme climates, and legally in countries that have differing emission regulations and fuel quality. As a result, they have to make certain compromises that adversely impact a vehicle’s performance.


By modifying a generic ECU map, we can optimize your engine’s performance for your specific requirements, unlocking its full potential. Parameters we’ll modify include ignition advance and fuel pressure. Our HPT ECU remap will:



• Improve Vehicle Fuel Economy


• Increase Engine Torque


• Optimize Vehicle Acceleration


• Refine Vehicle Handling & Response






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